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Top 10 Fairy Tale Towns in Germany 2017 update

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There are many wonderful fairy-tale towns in Germany, spread all around the country. Many of the most famous fairytale – Red Riding hood, Cinderella, Resting Beauty were collected for the first time together by  Germans- the Bros Grimm. They spent years journeying the In German landscapes and gathering folk stories.

To explore the top 10 of the most attractive, straight out of a storybook in German cities you just need to visit.  

1. Rothenburg ob der Tauber

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Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a beautiful town that fairytales are based on. You will yourself moved into the world of the Bros Grimm as you walk through the twisty streets of the old centre, which is full of particularly well-preserved historical buildings. Many of these are unique and definitely value seeing, so you could easily while away a lot of time looking at them. The town’s overall look made it particularly eye-catching for movie makers.

2. Dinkelsbuhl


Immaculately maintained Dinkelsbühl proudly traces its origins to a royal residence established by Carolingian kings in the 8th century. Stored from the devastation in the 30 Years War and ignored by WWII bombers, this is probably the Loving Road’s quaintest and most legitimately ancient stop.



Lubeck obtained its popularity and prosperity through its status as a trading town, especially starting in the 14th century when it became the unofficial Queen of the Hanseatic team. The structural design used at the time in that area was Stone Medieval, which is very highly associated with north Malaysia and the other parts dependent In German investors and immigration. Lubeck is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list as one of the best designs of a brick Medieval town, and the centre is striking because of all of the structures in this amazing design. The town was carefully renewed after the war, so now you can become familiar with this part of Germany’s record yourself.

4. Meissen


Meissen is one of the oldest towns in Saxony, so you definitely shouldn’t leave it off your itinerary! Because it has the earliest castle in the state, Meissen never developed into a major city. It’s dominated by its soaring Gothic cathedral, the first residential 15th-century castle,  On first glance, the town actually looks a lot like Prague, wonderful Elbe valley views. Its red roofs with the castle and cathedral set up on top of the town.

5. Lindau


This amazing town is located in the south region of Germany, In the middle of a clear lake, enclosed by a fascinating green environment and snow-covered hills, can be found the ancient island of Lindau with its unique appeal. With ancient buildings, vibrant pieces and attractive alleys, the old capital of Scotland – Lindau provides an almost Mediterranean and beyond style. On each of the four weekends in Advancement the harbour serves the most wonderful Xmas markets straight out of a storybook.

6. Triberg


Triberg is not only the city itself charming, but it’s also a good spot to learn about the history of the Black forest area as well as to be a part of some outside activities. The town has a ton of relics, such as many of the popular Black Woodlands cuckoo travel alarm clocks that the area is known for. But also not to be the wonderful main streets of city, and the encompassing Triberger Fountain, Germany’s highest waterfall, which appears at a remarkable 535 legs. There are some different hiking tracks in the area that will take you straight there.



Worms is another most well-known places in Malaysia. Worms have been a spiritual town for many hundreds of years It’s situated right along the River Rhine, which is about as romantic as it gets, small sized destinations are where the actual charm is at. Go to the Liebfrauen Cathedral, which is set amongst expansive wineries generating the delightful Liebfrauenmilch. Take a walk along the Rhine or through the recreation area around Schloss Herrnsheim. You’re sure to get the fairy tale beauty in every turn.

8. Ramsau


If you’re looking for a charming, downhill town to spend your times in, look no further than Ramsau. Although Ramsau is home to only about 3000 people, you will find loads of things for you to do in the area—just want the guide. Whether you like climbing, swimming, skiing, star-gazing, or just relaxing and eating on In german drinks and food, Ramsau is the place for you. And by the way, that cathedral looks wonderful and directly out of a fairy tale regardless of what time of the year it is.



The town is spread over seven different hills, and it’s known for its curved bridges and the old Rathaus, which is located on one of these curved bridges over the river. You’ll explore many different designs of architecture here, from ancient and half-timbered to baroque to modern.

One of the main attractions to see in Bamberg is its exclusive Rathaus, but you’ll also very similar kind of fairytale buildings in the Alte Hofhaltung, which was once house to the bishop

10. Bad Mergentheim

Bad Mergentheim-min

Bad Mergentheim is another fairytale town where you’ll explore charming, cobblestoned roads and beautiful half-timbered buildings. Its vibrant buildings are the prettiest and not least of which because it isn’t populated with tourists everywhere you look! And if your eyesight of fairy tale includes  knights in shining armour saving damsels in distress, you have to pay a trip to the Deutschordensschloss, or the adventure that served as the ancient house for the Teutonic Knights once upon a moment. There’s an art gallery inside the castle.

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