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Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Japan

Japan is a very wonderful and fascinating country, but it seems a lot of people only know the barest country. It’s time to treat that, and show you that …

10) Ninety-eight percent of adoptions in Japan of males, done to have someone to bequeath family business to and keep the close family name.


9) The Japanese people eat more fish than any other people in the world, about 17 thousand tons per year. It is the world’s biggest importer of seafood, with shrimp including about one-third of the total, about million tons a year.  More than 20% of Japanese people protein is obtained through fish and fish products.

8) Home to 33 thousand people, the Tokyo-Yokohama metropolitan area is the biggest populated metropolitan region in the world.

7) 90 percents of all mobile phones sold in Japan are water resistant because youngsters like to use them even while bathing.

6) The world’s most small escalator is in Japan. It is in a underground room of More’s shopping stores in Kawasaki, Japan; it has five steps is 32.8 inches broad and  the height is 83.3 cm.

5) There are around 5.52 million of vending machines spread throughout the country. In most countries, vending machines typically sell chips, gums, candies, sodas, candies, and chocolates. Though, the Japanese seemed to have emerged the functionality of vending machines with their zeal for advancement and unusual everything.

4) Sometimes the trains are too much jam packed railway workers are engaged to cram passengers inside. Japanese. Japanese Trains are most prompt among the globe its average delay is only 18 seconds

3)  The popular Japanese dish called Basashi is made of raw horse meat with onions and ginger. Raw horse meat is considered a delicacy and is served in many restaurants. It is sliced thinly and eaten raw.

2) Ancient warriors of Japan were well-known as Samurai who were very competent fighters and swordsmen. Their primary weapon was known  Katana, a sharp sword with the slight curve to it.


1) In Japanese the name of  Japan is Nihon/ Nippon, that means place of the Rising Sun. It was thought Japan was the first country to see the sunrise of the East early in the morning.


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