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Top 10 Richest Airlines in The World


They are faster means of transport with good amenities and services. There are some of the richest airlines in the world which have best services, price, food and many other facilities.

We all love to travel, here these top 10 airlines specialize in making sure your flight duration is in full luxury and true happiness. So strap into business class, and take yourself in paradise.

Check below the Top 10 Richest Airlines in the World–

10. Qantas-


Qantas is regarded the second oldest airline in the world. Qantas is the biggest airline in Australia of their fleet size. The air lines received praise for its powerful customer services and in-flight entertainment. And then there’s Qantas’ contacting card- it has a fatality-free safety history in the jet era.

9. Garuda Indonesia-

Garuda Indonesia-min

The Garuda Indonesia Airline are considered as among one of the richest airlines in the world. They have been ranked as a 5-Star airline.Garuda Indonesia has also been identified as having the world’s best cabin crew and as the World’s Best Local Airline.

8. Eva Air-

Eva Air-min

Eva Air, based in Taiwan, are operating in over 60 worldwide destinations. They have more than 70 Boeing, Airbus and McDonnell Douglas’ in their assortment of aircrafts.  The airline is popularly credited with pioneering the premium economy cabin. EVA also took home the prize for the World’s Best Transpacific Airline.

7. ANA All Nippon Airlines

ANA All Nippon Airlines-min

ANA  is wide-known as being among the richest airlines in the world. ANA All Nippon Airlines are ranked as 5-star air lines.  ANA also won for World’s Best International airport Services and Best Airline Employees Service in Asia.

6. Etihad Airlines-

Etihad Airlines-min

Etihad Airlines are the national airline in the UAE. They are considered among one of the fastest growing airlines in the world as well as known for their rich amenities such as services for customers, cuisine, entertainment. They are currently providing 68 destinations with 120 aeroplanes. For 2016, Etihad also won for World’s Best First Category, Best First Category Chair, Best First Category Onboard catering.

5. Emirates-


Emirates are the biggest and one of the richest airlines in the Middle Eastern. They are currently providing customers in more than 150 destinations around the world with their state of the art fleets of Airbus A380s and Boeing 77s. Emirates are worldwide ranked 5th in terms of revenue. In 2017, Emirates has been identified as the best airlines in the world with outstanding customer service. Emirates are the winner of more than 500 worldwide awards.

4. Turkish Airline-

Turkish Airline-min

Turkish Airlines are considered among the best and richest airlines in the world. They fly to more than 280 destinations in 6 major regions. Turkish Airlines are well-known for their lounges which include a children’s play area, billiards area, prayer room and teleconference station, as well as a relaxation area with bathrooms and massage beds. The airline has been valued at more than 3 billion dollars. In addition, Turkish Airlines also won awards for Best Airline in Southeast European countries, Best Business Class Airline catering, and Best Business Class Living room Dining.

3. Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific Airways-min

Cathay Pacific also won the prizes for World’s Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness, and Best First class Airline Lounge, presenting wonderful cabins with bathtubs to refresh in, a sit-down cafe and a champagne bar. Some reviewers give the airline high marks for seat convenience, support quality, and in-flight entertainment.

2. Singapore Airline-

Singapore Airline-min

Singapore Airlines is another big name in the airline industry; known for their spacious and incredibly comfortable aeroplanes. They are currently ranked among the top 10 richest airlines in the world, Their Airbus A380 is one of the biggest passenger carrier crafts on the world. The airline also took home the award for Best Airline in Asia and Best Business Class Airline Seat.

1.Qatar Airways-

Qatar Airways-min

Qatar Airlines is the richest airline in the planet and it offers its services to more than 150 worldwide destinations. They are the owner of one of the most luxurious aeroplanes in the world and they feature best-in-class services such as entertainment and luxury. Qatar Airlines was the very first airline to land an Airbus A350 in the U. S., and today they have a fleet of 200 aeroplanes. Qatar airline also took home the award for Best entertainment Chairs and best Lounge.

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