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10 Mythical Creatures that may have actually Existed in the World


Top 10 Mythical Creatures that May have Actually Existed

Mythical creatures have always been part of the history books. Some are even believed to are exist at the time, hiding in the dark areas and trying to be unobtrusive as it exists together with humans. Whereas some are believed to be imaginary, some a comparative of an extinct species. No matter how people see these creatures, the truth remains that the fascination. Have a look at Top 10 mythical creatures that may have actually existed.

10 .Dragons-


Dragon mythology extends back through the ages at least 4,000 years. They are generally described as large flying reptiles that breathe fire.The story of these giant monsters particular date to the beginning of human existence. In China, dragons are representation of courage and heroism and are seen as protectors of the community.



Recently, in the Indonesian Island of Flores, during an excavation, with the size of a three-foot-tall human skull has been found. Carbon tests have revealed that the bones date back to about 12000 years. While sceptics believe that these are bones of Human beings who had hormonal problems such as microcephaly, the alternative theory is that these are the bones of a different species like the Neanderthals but with same ancestors. They also found tools and other signs of civilization.



The Kraken was popularized in the story ‘Alice in Wonderland’. In the late 13th century, the Kraken believes to be identical with the Hafgulfa, one of the two massive sea-monsters roaming in the waters of the Greenland Sea. The creature is considered to absence the skills of creation describing their small figures. Due to their large dimension and ferociousness, its life spans as long as several millenniums swallowing men, ships, whales and everything within its reach.



Amazons are often described as female warriors living in the deep heart of the forest without the presence of men. They are often described as trained archers, can climb and move from trees to trees and are very skilled in the art of fighting. They are believed to be man-haters as well but would capture a few every now and then to continue their lineage.



Direwolf actually existed around 10000 years back in the North American region. They were larger than the ordinary wolf, stronger, and had sharper teeth. But, after the Pleistocene age, when the large animals started to go extinct, the Dire Wolf died out because of deficiency of prey. The Dire Wolves couldn’t prey on the smaller animals because they were too slow, and hence they were imposed to become scavengers, which they were not meant to be.

5.Scylla and Charybdis-

Scylla and Charybdis

Scylla and Charybdis are the two monsters, which is said to have dwelled in the narrow passage between Sicily and the Italian mainland. Odysseus, on his voyage, was said to have crossed the Strait of Messina, which had Scylla and Charybdis on both the shores. Scylla was a sea monster which used to pluck sailors off the boat while Charybdis was a monster who created a whirlpool in the sea, and sucked entire boats.



The stories about Berserkers were true. Berserkers first appeared in the old Norse Poems. They attained their wild behaviours from chasing dragons of different sorts. They also took a unique type of drug before each battle, which made them invincible and fearless. The drugs made them very stronger, and dull to pain and fear. Scientists have discovered that maybe, the drug the Berserkers used was Bufotenine.



According to legend, Krishna (Hindu equivalent of God) ruled over the city of Dwarka- until it was swallowed by the sea. Stone reliefs found in this city have not only indicated that it is, in fact, Dwarka, the oldest city in history, but that it was ruled by a flesh and blood Lord Krishna. Archaeologists have discovered a sunken city off the shores of India For Hindus, finding the Lost City of Dwarka would be like finding the Holy Grail or the Arc of the Covenant.

2. Moby Dick

Moby Dick


The Moby Dick in a motion picture named “In the Heart of the Sea”, made the story of Moby Dick more famous.  It was actually a giant white sperm whale which is said to have destroyed many whaling ships, sending some to the bottom of the sea. The actual whale was named Mocha Dick, and as the story goes, was significantly more badass. Mocha Dick also took on three ships at once and happened to be victorious against them.

1. Imoogi-


Imoogi is a giant python that is believed to be a smaller version of Dragon. The creature that often appeared in Korean Legends. It is said that they lived in caves and lived for thousand odd years before they raised to heaven and became Dragons. Recently, a giant python skeleton has been found in South America and North Korea which matches the depiction of an Imoogi. It has been named as a Titanoboa and has a height of 46 feet and weight of about 1 ton. While they went extinct a long ago, scientists believe that with the changing geological forms, they can come back one day.

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