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Top 10 Demands of Justin Bieber during India Visit: just never ending!

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Justin Bieber is soon going to hit the road in India and lovers already have an opening in their pockets after spending a blast on the concert tickets. Since it is Biebs’ first ever visit to India, the musician has created some really significant requirements that will put all other requirements that were ever produced in the entire history of requirements to shame!

The list of his demands to perform in our homeland has gone popular and seems a bit too much for our Bieber fever!

  1. Bieber would like to switch between being driven around in the Rolls-Royce employed for him, or travelling in his personal jet. Also, Bieber will anyway fly to the ground, because not travelling is so non-celebrity. The 120-member team of the pop superstar will be provided high-class vehicles and two Volvo vehicles. Now you know the reason behind the concert tickets costing a blast.
  2. Bieber is carrying his requirements, and no, we’re not discussing his outfits and toiletries. His basic needs for the five-day trip add a ping-pong desk, a Playstation, IO HAWK, a settee set, washer, fridge, cabinet and a massage desk. We wonder if he would even have the time to make use of these things!
  3. Two 5-star hotels have been reserved for his housing, and a few ‘customisations’ have been requested for–MUGHAL decorations within the room. If you’re in India, your resort package has to have Mughal antiques and signature linen and pillowcases, because that’s what the country is about. Bieber wants the room to be designed with violet carnations, and lilies are a strict no-no.
  4. Among the travelling and touring, Bieber might want to practice yoga exercises and has requested for his room to be provided with fragrant natural oils, incense sticks, and books on chakras and yoga asanas. Like this was not enough, a massage therapist is being called in from Kerala for him.
  5.  His requirements consist of wild berries and vanilla flavour room-fresheners, Dove body clean and moisturising lip balms–we know the secret behind that radiant skin, lastly.
  6. The pop star wants the putting on a costume room to be covered in white-colored drapes and must have a glass-door fridge. The fridge must have these few thing at all times–twenty- bottles of still and alkaline water, each, four energy drinks, six vitamin water bottles, six cream sodas, four natural juices, four vanilla protein drinks and half a gallon of almond milk.
  7. This is only a part of the menu–vegetables professional with farm marinade, chopped fruits, natural apples and seedless vineyard, a deli plate of natural poultry, lettuce, Colby and provolone dairy products, black olives and green and bananas sweet peppers.
  8. The backstage requirements consist of white-colored chopped bread, snacks, great and melon gum, white-colored cheddar snacks, Ghiradelli chocolates with sea sodium and nuts, menthol and melon gum, white vinegar snacks, natural dry fruits, nuts, and all fruits cereals. He has also detailed some foods like a large pack of Remedial Fish, containers of Ritz Bitz peanut butter and dairy products snacks and several features of Haribo Soda Gummies–let’s just hope that’s all.
  9. Apart from the glass-door fridge packed with foods in his putting on a costume room, Bieber needs two packs of simply white-colored crew-neck t-shirts (in dimensions XS and L), two packs of white-colored tank tops (sizes L and XL) and three packs of white-colored low-rise footwear (sizes XS and L). He also needs a boombox with an iPhone battery power.
  10. Justin Bieber’s team will also be presented a list of spray tan salon, sushi cafe, steakhouse, French cafe, shopping centre, go-karting Street, cinema, skateboarding recreation area, gambling houses, nightclubs, basketball courts and recording studios as a bonus.

The list of requirements by Canada pop superstar Justin Bieber, who works in Mumbai on May 10, has everyone discussing it. The 23-year old has listed things ranging from a private Rolls Royce to a convoy of luxury cars and Volvo buses. He has really got down to details, specifying a particular video gaming system and a washer among those factors absolutely required for his efficiency.

While on the face of it, this may look like a huge international star’s pointless demands, the music business is separated on the issue. Some experience the needs are justified; others experience they are no more than starry tantrums.

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