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Top 10 important points about JIO free phone

The game-changer Reliance Jio is lastly here with its 4G services. The organization has created some essential reports regarding its 4G launch, such as affordable information features to programs to set up 1 thousand Wi-Fi locations. Check out all the main reports from Reliance’s AGM here.

Reliance Industry Limited’s Chair and Handling Home Mukesh Ambani are making some major reports for Reliance Jio. Here are the key popular features of the statement.

10. Welcome Offer


An essential thing is Reliance Jio will be totally free until Dec 2016. Although, the tariff plan was declared, they will be effective from Jan 2017.

9. Free Voice Calls


One of the big statements at the conference was possible to voice calls. Reliance Jio will provide 100 % free calls for your lifetime. That said, you need to either pay for data and it uses the voice data itself to call people. However, to create a voice call, your smart phone should have support for VoLTE.

8. LTE-Only


Unlike other providers, Reliance Jio won’t change to other networks such as 2G or 3G, because the services truly LTE-Ready making it the first telecommunications 4G-ready network of the country.

7. Attractive Tariff Plans


Taking a dig at other telecommunications networks in the country, Mukesh Ambani declared the tariff plans of both prepaid and postpaid. And the features start from Rs. 149 and goes up to Rs. 4,999. The same plans indicate for the postpaid connection as well.

6. eKYC Activation


Following the actions of Airtel and Vodafone, Reliance Jio is also providing their SIM cards with eKYC activation, which means that your SIM cards will be triggered within 15 minutes. However, the support isn’t live yet.

5. JioNet Wi-Fi Hotspots


Reliance Jio is also trying to provide 100 % free Wi-Fi locations all over the country. According to Jio, this reduces network blockage. Also, every customer will receive some 100 % free JioNet data along with the tariff plans.

4. JioFi hot spot devices


Reliance also started selling JioFi hot spot device, with which each customer can link 31 devices at a time. The cost for these hot spot gadgets begins from Rs. 1,999. Obviously, the organization launched three JioFi devices till date.

3. Student Offers


The Mukesh Ambani-led organization is predicted to provide 25 % more data to learners. During reloading their tariff plan, learners have to show their specific ID cards have fun with more data.

2. Jio Top quality Applications


Every Jio customer will have fun with the Jio premium apps without any charge. And, each and every tariff strategy comes included with Jio’s premium apps registration worth Rs. 15,000.

1. No wandering


Unlike other telecommunications networks, Reliance doesn’t cost an extra cent for wandering services because it uses data for voice calling and internet is 100 % free all over the nation.

Reliance Jio has set some high objectives for its services. The organization is designed to have 100 million members in the quickest time. Thanks to the already popular Review Offer, Reliance Jio is approximated to have 2.5 million customers currently. According to Morgan Stanley, Jio could have 40 million members in the next financial year and also have $2 billion dollars in earnings. They also expect an overall income business of 6 % with 2 % in voice and 19 % in data. But looking at the data plan and passion in the public, the focus on of 100 million customers doesn’t seem to be far off.


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