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Top 10 Glamor And Hottest Look Female Tennis Player 2017

Dominika Cibulkova -min

These players turn heads not only with their hard-hitting play but also with their hottest looks. we have only top 10 included players who are in the most attractive list we take a look at some of the finest up and hottest players in women tennis.

Here we have discussed the list of hottest female tennis player which comes in top 10

10) Serena Williams (USA)

She is absolutely the great female tennis player of all times and still going strong at the age of 34. 2015 was one of her best years winning the first three grand slams and reached her ranks number one in women singles. Serena has also won gold in London 2012, Beijing 2008 and Sydney 2000. Everyone will agree with the fact that this young player is more than beautiful, hot and best tight bodies in the world

9) Elena Dementieva (Russia)-

She is obviously one most hot lady. She positions number 4 in women’s tennis. She is tall and attractive player that plays greatly on the court. Elena is a blonde, ties her hair in the ponytail and begins to move her racket to conveniently hit the tennis ball.

8) Maria Kirilenko (Russia) –

Here is another smoking hot lady from the Russia who recently retired from professional tennis had the major impact on women tennis. Like many other beautiful tennis stars, she focused more modeling than her tennis and never really hit the heights expected of her. Her amazing beauty and her flawless skin make her a charming damsel on and off the court. In 2011 she went on to achieve her career best ranking of Number 5.

7) Tatiana Golovin-

There is another hottest lady who plays tennis. This lady has an enthralling persona. She has made photo shoots for Recreations Spoke to Magazine. In 2001, Tatiana won the French Open mixed matches. In 2012, Sportarium ranked Tatiana as the top hottest female tennis player. Tatiana doesn’t play tennis any more extended on account of her lower back injuries

6) Sania Mirza (India)-

Sania Mirza-min

This beauty comes from India and she is absolutely fabulous and intelligent and even more, she is incredibly hot. A lot of people consider Sania Mirza as the most beautiful female sports person of India. She has inspired generation of girls in sub-continent. She especially ranks much higher in the doubles category rather than the singles.

5) Dominika Cibulkova (Slovakia)-

Dominika Cibulkova -min

Dominika Cibulkova hails from the Czech Republic and she is a rising tennis star. She achieved her profession best position No.10 after attaining the ultimate of 2014 Australia Start. She also appeared in two-quarter finals at Wimbledon and US Open. rated her as one of the 99 World’s beautiful women and the Maxim, female tennis player magazine, identified her as the number one woman in the world of tennis.

4) Ashley Harkleroad (USA)-

Ashley Harkleroad-min

She is one amongst the Top 10 Hottest Female Tennis Players of All Time until 2017. She is a bit popular when it comes to matching her tennis style to her outfits. Her attractive looks, flooding with sex assert that men love to watch her play tennis. She was hailed as “American Ana” after her appearance at the US Open in 2001 wearing a dreadful outfit. Being vigorous and hot did not keep her from winning many plays in tennis. Ashley has the pack of energetic American fans in her calling as a tennis player Furthermore an appealing woman.

3) Ana Ivanović (Serbia)-


Ana Ivanović -min

Ivanovic became professional in 2003 and reached the top of her career back in 2008. She is 6 feet tall and has an aggressive playing style. She has won a Grand Slam and a Roland Garros title and is a former number one in the world. She has won 16 WTA titles but it’s her looks which brought her enormous off the field success with unlimited endorsement deals as she became a face of women tennis alongside Maria Sharapova.

2) Ana Kournikova-

Ana Kournikova-min

The name of Ana Kournikova happens to be the most searched woman’s name on the internet. She even achieved more popularity after the appearance in a music video with Enrique Iglesias. The world of tennis would not be the same without her. She maybe had a lack of tennis talent, but despite that, she had millions of fans all over the world. Ana maybe had a modest career, but her fans will always remember her bikini body and beautiful blonde hair.

1) Maria Sharapova (Russia) –

Maria Sharapova-min

She has the charm and sex appeal that leaves her fans speechless. As she is known for her court trend and also known as a great model. Nobody can match the professional success, she was  also pretty good on the court as well. She is a former number one and the 3rd best women tennis gamer in the world. Sharapova has won 5 Grand Slams and was known as highest paid women player on the globe, making 285 thousand dollars award money.


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