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Top 10 Hottest Female Field Hockey Players – 2017 List

Ellen Hoog-min

When it comes to women athletes, men get themselves allied to the game, keeping rank on who plays the best and who is the most pretty. It’s really amazing to have girl power on the field.

Here, we are going to discuss the gorgeous, hot Female Hockey players in this field. These players are not only known for their prettiness but are also known for their complete brilliance in the game and their amazing sports talent. To know more about top 10 Hottest Female Field Hockey Players of 2017, read on-

10. Charlotte Harrison-

Charlotte Harrison-min

Charlotte was one of the youngest player ever selected to perform for the New Zealand Black Sticks. This stunning striker had unquestionably second-most games on the team by the time she was 20.

9. Anita Punt (Anita McLaren)-

Anita Punt (Anita McLaren)-min

Another New Zealander on this record is 1987 born, Anita McLaren.  She came out to New Zealand during 2009 year after New Zealand was last placed in the 2008 China Olympic games which triggered the group to be almost completely renewed for the next contests. Punt could well be one of the fastest players in the world. She at the same time plays in 100m and 200m competitions. Her history is very amazing for an area hockey player because the duration of 12.61 a few moments led her to fifth place the National Championship.

8. Sophie Polkamp-

Sophie Polkamp-min

Born 1984 in Groningen, Netherlands. She was one of the primary factors Dutch generation who won World Champions in 2006 and runners-up in 2010 as well as a gold medal from Beijing 2008 and the London 2012 Olympics.

7. Eva de Goede-

Eva de Goede-min

Another Dutch midfielder was born in 1989 in Zeist. She is a regular international player for Netherlands field hockey team and has gained even more than Polkamp. Eva has participated in 3 Olympic tournaments with the last one of them being Rio de Janeiro 2016, where the team won a silver medal.

6. Kelsey Kolojejchick-

Kelsey Kolojejchick-min

Kelsey Kolojejchick was born on October 2, 1991, in Pennsylvania. She started her sports career as a soccer player but later moved to playing field hockey.  Kolojejchick attended the University of North Carolina, where she was a vital player in the field hockey team and lead them to the National identity on her first year in college. She came out for the National team in 2012, and her first big competition was the 2014 World Cup where she scored five times.

5. Ellen Hoog-

Ellen Hoog-min

Taking the limelight during the 2012 London Olympic Games, Ellen Hoog eventually got the world’s attention. Before the London games, She seemed to be just one of the regular hockey players out there. She took part in the 2006 Women’s World Cup of Field Hockey where her group won the whole world tournament and also two-time Olympic gold medalist is regarded an experienced in the game, to think that she is only 26 years old. Dutch women are certainly reaching it big in terms of athletic abilities and amazing looks.

4. Fatima Moreira de Melo-

Fatima Moreira de Melo-min

The first Dutch beauty in the list of top 10 hottest women hockey player is blonde haired Fatima Moriera de Melo. Not only does she rip up the area as one of the Netherland’s major strikers, apart from being a professional player, she is also active in TV programmes. Do you know that she is also a singer and she has a Masters Degree in Law? That’s elegance, minds, and athletic all rounder into one.

3. Marsha Cox (Marsha Marescia)-

Marsha Cox (Marsha Marescia)-min

This pretty player comes from great field hockey family, born on Jan 13, 1983, in Durban, South Africa. Her father is a former hockey player and now coach Marian is known to be one of the best Southern Africa hockey players but could not play for the national team due to Apartheid. Since her first appearance in 2001, Marsha has gathered over 300 caps for South African-American and is captaining the national team

2. Anna Flanagan-

Anna Flanagan-min

Another hottest player known by  Flanno was born in Canberra in 1992. Her whole family members played field hockey, she started playing it aged 5, and was trained by her father many years later. She performs as a defensive player and is professional in taking corner penalties. Now, she has 150 caps for Australia, At the age of 18, she debuted a test match against the Republic of Korea.  She plays for ACT Strikers in the national league, She was crowned as the FIH Younger Player of the year 2012, which appears out as her greatest individual award.

1. Luciana Aymar-

Luciana Aymar-min

While many are quick to compare Luciana to fellow countryman and Argentine Maradona, You will agree that this is a good thing. It has yet to be determined whether she earned the nickname of  The Magician because of her on-field prowess or her ability to hypnotize men at an instant.


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