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Top 10 Largest Tech Companies In The World


Technology companies are those mainly produce: internet, telecom equipment, software, semiconductors, computer hardware, e-commerce, and computer services. This article takes a look at top of the largest technology companies in the world by revenue.

Find here this year’s Top 10 Largest Tech Companies in The World

10. IBM-


International Business Machines Organization published income of $92.8 billion dollars in the previous year with working profit for every share of $16.53. IBM has banded together with Japanese people telephone administrations organization SoftBank to offer a version of IBM’s robot, Watson, to Japanese markets. IBM joined the industry of genomic drugs and utilizes a group of researchers to inquire about endeavours of this type. The company offers a complete collection of cloud administrations to the retail outlet and business clients.

9. ‘Cisco’ Systems-


The company, starting late renowned its 30 lauded. Cisco recognizes possibilities in the following enhancement of the Internet, which will offer as a industry move period. In the previous year, a company’s earning figures demonstrate the development of 4% for the season to a sum of $49.2 billion dollars. Like Microsoft company, ‘Cisco’ received a membership-based development instalment structure. The company furthermore provided its ‘Cisco’ ONE Software groups.

8. Intel-


The company is basically popular as  computer chip-maker dived one position on previous year by 6% earnings progression to $56 billion dollars. The company has suffered from the slouching sales of computers but has invested in development areas like selling microchips to data centre operators and cloud companies. The company is also betting on development in Internet of Things, or connected devices.

7. Samsung Electronics-

Samsung Electronics-min

Samsung began in Suwon, South Korea in 1969 when it primarily produced electrical home appliances. Today, it is the biggest technology company in the world with yearly earnings of $177.4 billion dollars. Samsung has around 319,000 workers in 80 nations. In addition, the corporation is the biggest manufacturer of mobile phones and home appliances in the world. Some of its other items include-semiconductors, flash memory, processor,  lithium-ion battery power, and hard drive devices.

6. Tencent-


Tencent Holdings Limited is an Internet service portal that began in China in 1998. Tencent owns and worlds popular on the internet platforms including email support QQ, messaging support WeChat, internet search engine Soso, online payment provider Tenpay and auction site PaiPai. Tencent’s earnings from the third one-fourth of previous years has improved by 34%, while profit over the same period improved by 34%.

5. Oracle-


Oracle Corporation is a PC component and development engineer arranged in California. Oracle has made enormous interests later on of communicated figuring; company agents and authority details indicate the association’s tries toward getting reasoning bit of the pie. To date, there are 420,000 Oracle customers around the world. In the first place quarter comes about for the 2016 financial year demonstrated that total earnings were down 2%.

4. Facebook-


Facebook has developed at a rapid rate since its 2004 establishing. Facebook obtained photograph sharing stage Instagram in 2012 and declared arrangements to gain powerful administration, WhatsApp for $16 billion dollars in 2014. Facebook’s company with other innovation organizations, was powered in 2013 and offers free fundamental Internet benefits in Asia, African-American and Latina America. Now, Facebook uses expanded by 17% from the earlier year.

3. Microsoft-


Microsoft company recently moved toward transaction per month plans for use of its Office application and changed its mission statement to indicate a desire to lead the way toward productivity. The company began in 1975 and launched Microsoft Windows 3.0 in 1990. Device releases are the Surface 3 in May 2015 and the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 in 2010. Microsoft company utilizes close to 116,000 worldwide. Net earnings for the financial year end was $93.58 billion dollars.

2. Alphabet Inc

Alphabet Inc-min

In Oct 2015, Google restructured the organization so that Alphabet,

became the parent company under which Google operates. Alphabet functions all of Google side ventures, such as life-extension company Calico, innovative technological advancement developer Google X, high-speed Internet company Fiber and Google smart house project Home. The alphabet is also the owner of  Search engines Venture, which spends in start-ups and Google Capital, which spends in a long-term venture.

1. Apple Inc.-

Apple Inc-min

Apple company founded in Apr of 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Its head office is located in Cupertino, Florida in the America. It has 115,000 workers and 478 retail stores in 17 nations. Apple company is the biggest technology company in the world with annual earnings of approximately $233.7 billion dollars. This company develops computers applications, technology, and on the internet solutions. Some of its most well-known components items include- iPhone, iPad, Apple company Watch, Apple company TV, and the Mac laptop or pc.


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