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Top 10 Most Hottest Politicians of India In 2017 Update

jyotiraditya scindia

Politics have been always a hot topic of discussion. But finding eye-catching faces in politics is not something that happens every day. It’s a delightful shock to find uplifting personality in Indian politics

So let’s take a look at the most popular and hottest men of the Indian politics

10. Manoj Tiwari-

manoj tiwari

He is an MP of BJP and is one of the most preferred activities in the world. The performing expert, the artist transformed politician is known as handsome men in politics. He has huge fan members in his home state Bihar. Before moving politician, he was a celebrity of Bhojpuri movies and a famous singer too.

9. Babul Supriyo-

Babul Supriyo

The popular singer of Bollywood, Babul Supriyo joined politics in 2014 and won his election and became MP from Asansol, West Bengal. He is one of the charming faces and very popular for his wonderful and spectacular voice. He has sung many super hit songs in Bollywood before moving out to be full-time politicians.

8. Shashi Tharoor

shashi tharoor

Shashi Tharoor is a popular Indian politician and a former diplomat and has served as Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The former junior foreign minister may have courted controversy in India over his many tweets, but that does not take away from his gentle looks. He tied the knot for the third time with Sunanda Pushkar on August 22, 2010.

7. Rahul Gandhi-

rahul gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is probably the most underrated but handsome Indian politician of this several years. Indian media enjoy to deride him. They neglect the content of his presentations and focus only on style. Rahul Gandhi is products of powerful political dynasties, and men with boyish handsome looks have long been likely to lead the country. He studied at prominent University.

6. Anurag Thakur-

anurag thakur

Thakur, three-time CM of Himachal Pradesh. He is one of the power management as well as sports administrators. He was the last BCCI President and the existing President for HPCA. He analyzed at Doaba Higher education. His wonderful existence and his wonderful overall look create him one of the most attractive political figures in Indian. He is only 42 years of old.

5. Omar Abdullah-

Omar Abdullah

The youngest Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir is eye candy. Highly sought after for being  a vocal about his opinion be it in the parliamentary period or on the social networking. His handsome looks, enormous family background and staunch opinions over numerous subjects have won him  a lot of followers.

4. Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo-

 Kalikesh Narayan Singh deo

He is an Indian politician from Odisha and the leader of Biju Janata Dal Party. Kalikesh was the youngest member of the Janata Dal Party. Deo was the most handsome youngest member of the Odisha Legislative Assembly. Aged 42, he has been positioned in the hottest politicians of the country many times.

3. Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia-

jyotiraditya scindia

Harvard University and Stanford University pass out, Jyotiraditya is MP from Madhya Pradesh and one of the richest and handsome politicians in India. He is quite a trend setter with his fiery attitude and fashion sense.

2. Sachin Pilot-

sachin paylat

Sachin Pilot is a member of Parliament from the Ajmer constituency of Rajasthan and is a member of the Indian National Congress. He was also a Minister of Corporate Affairs. Sachin’s vibrant looks have won him many fans on the social platform. He has an attractive decency on his face and his peculiar politician type outfit looks very attractive. As a minister, he has done several good works and was appreciated by the Prime Minister

1.Chirag Paswan-

chirag paswan

Chirag Paswan, He is the number one hottest Indian politician among the top 10 list. He started acting in Bollywood and featured in the movie Miley Naa Miley Hum in 2011. However, the movie unsuccessful at the Box Office and he did not do any further movie after that. His father is the President of Lok Janshakti Party. His father, Ram Vilas Paswan is Union Minister now as well. He turned to politics in 2014 and became an MP from Jamui in Bihar contesting for LJP. The dashing and alluring presence of this 34 year old generally earns him the popularity of Handsome Politician in India.

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