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Top 10 Most Successful Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs are viewed as holding the power of making, breaking or shaping one’s destiny and life. However, some zodiac signs that are seen as naturally strong. People falling under the same are taken to be destined to make it big in their life and be successful.

Here are such top 10 Most Successful Zodiac Signs, Read ahead to know.

10. Aries (21st Mar – 19 Apr)-


Exploring unmanned territories and unknown lands are their habit. People under this zodiac sign love undertaking bold tasks. Going after the mad rat race is definitely not their thing. They want to discover new opportunities in life. The advice to take up new possibilities makes them stand apart from the rest of their lot. Their high energy level and the hoard of talent never deceive them.
Successful Aries-  Mukesh Ambani (India’s richest man ) , Jackie Chan (Martial artist), Maria Sharapova (Russian tennis player) , Adolf Hitler(German politician) , Larry Page (Google co-founder), Amancio Ortega (Amancio Ortega) .

9. Sagittarius (23rd Nov – 20 Dec)-


Independent and thrill seekers, Sagittarians have a very out of the box mind. They cannot work in embarrassed scenarios; they need their own innovative freedom. Their deal with any trade is all or nothing. They explode of energy around people and thus very likeable personalities. Sagittarians don’t like playing mind games and their straightforward nature is not always appreciated but it takes them to new heights.
Successful Sagitarians: Brad Pitt (American actor) , Rajnikanth (Indian film actor) , Fidelity ( CEO Abigail Johnson) , the Hinduja brothers (Hinduja Group) , property tycoons David and Simon Reuben 

8. Virgo (22nd Aug -22nd Sep)-


Virgo is the most analytical sign among all. Virgos have a variety of natural talents which they bring literally from their mother’s womb thereby diversifying themselves in art. They have all the qualities required to run a business successfully- astuteness, reliability, observance. They even have an enormous need to communicate with the people. They think sensibly and hence if any conflict arises they always have a solution.
Successful Virgos: Michael Jackson (American singer-songwriter), Mother Teresa ( Saint), Akshay Kumar ( Canadian-Indian actor)

Warren Buffett (CEO of Berkshire Hathaway) , Jack Ma (Alibaba Group chairman) ,  Jorge Paulo Lemann ( beer billionaire )

7. Libra (22nd Sep – 22nd Oct)-


With the balance in their sign, Libras are well above successful in life. They are humble and understanding and develop the good affinity with people, whether they are on a lower level or a higher level professionally. With the perfect balance of right and wrong and good and bad, they maintain their position upon the success ladder and do not neglect their proletarian either. This makes them successful not only professionally but in life as well. Librans dodge from indulging in extremes and maintain the best of both worlds. Be careful of their alluring charm.
Successful Librans: Michael Douglas (Actor), Lata Mangeshkar (Indian playback singer) , Stefan Persson ( Chairman of H&M) , Alice Walton ( Walmart heiress)

6. Gemini (21st May – 21st June)-


Geminis are excellent communicators. They are always exciting and looking forward to something new. They are so skilled that they can master anything that is given to them. They are always excited about new avenues and make efforts to dig up those as well. They enjoy giving an advice or two to those around. They are inherently good at it. It, therefore, becomes obvious that they face comparatively less difficulty when it comes to adjusting to new environments. However, there is one hamartia in them that cannot be overlooked. Geminis tend to skip from one project to another. If they overcome this fickleness then they would make it far bigger in life, than the present, undoubtedly.
Successful Geminis: Angelina Jolie  (Actress ), Johny Depp (American actor)David Thomson ( Canadian magnate )

5. Capricorn (22nd Dec – 19th Jan)-


Capricorns are basically best disciplinarians. Their disciplined nature goes hand in hand with their careful and ambitious outlook towards life and its challenges. They are not concerned with the worldly problems and are free from obsession, abuse, rage negligence and idleness. When they focus on the task at hand and on themselves, the natural result will be the success!
Successful Capricorns: Jim Carey (American-Canadian actor), Salman Khan (Actor),  Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder and CEO), Vladimir Potanin (Russian entrepreneur) , Joseph Safra (Chairman of Banco Safra)

4. Aquarius (21st Jan – 19th Feb)-


Aquarians are activists who get their way by hook or crook. They are very intelligent as well as creative, so they like to be around people who are openminded. They make for good guides; anyone who they take under their wings is a definite success. You will always see an Aquarian forming new strategy, their attention to detail is always commended. Friendships and companionships mean a lot to them, so they take good care of their team. Aquarians, don’t believe in doing things later, for them it’s always now or never.
Successful Aquarians: Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese footballer), Jagjit Singh (Indian singer) , Michael Bloomberg (CEO of Bloomberg L.P.) , Tadashi Yanai (UNIQLO founder) , Carlos Slim (Mexican telecoms tycoon)

3.Taurus (20th April – 20th May)-


People who are Taurus are a very friendly and generous lot. You would be a lucky one if you are friends with one of them. Taurus is a sign that’s built to easily have success. They care about work and family and are focused on these two things at the price of others so they frequently end up with a lot to show for their efforts. They are steady, reliable people either as employees or as romantic partners. Successful Taureans: Queen Elizabeth II, Sachin Tendulkar(Indian cricketer) , Mark Zuckerberg(Facebook founder and CEO) , Susanne Klatten ( BMW heiress and Germany’s richest woman) , David Koch (Koch Industries vice president )

2. Leo (24th July – 23rd Aug)-


With a dash of luck in their horoscope by the good quality of their Zodiac sign, Leos are generally successful people, made to flourish in all conditions. With their headstrong attitude, they thrive even better. Leos are very instinctual and will trust their gut when making big decisions. They have the ability to take charge and make decisions in times of crisis. All the famous successful Leos are actually products of what their sun signs say they are. Leos don’t like to ride anyone’s coattails to success in the first place, so they hope others respect them wanting to succeed on their own.
Successful Leos: Barack Obama (44th U.S. President), JRD Tata (French-Indian aviator) , Sergey Brin (Google co-founder) , Larry Ellison (Oracle founder)

1. Scorpio (22nd Oct – 22nd Nov)-  



A Scorpio’s success in life is going to depend on the people they surround themselves with. The true nature of a Scorpion is to observe slyly, understand and attack and that is exactly how they deal with most situations in their life. People like being around them not only for their magnetic personality but also because they are a hilarious lot. It is their strong-willed attitude which acts like the cherry on top of the cake and leads them to success.
Successful Scorpions: Bill Gates (The world’s richest man) , Shahrukh Khan (Indian film actor), Wang Jianlin (Chinese real estate developer)


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